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Professional Horsefly Control System - Innovative and functional

(by Herbie Rijndorp, MD of Equestrian Quality Products, official supplier of the H-TRAP)

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Alcochem Hygiene has launched a new selective trap, highly effective against horseflies. Horseflies are a constant nuisance out in the field, particularly in the period May - October. As they feed themselves on blood, their aggressive stings are very painful for animals, such as horses and cows, but also for humans. The new trap system, called the H-trap, effectively controls the amount of horseflies and reduces them to an absolute minimum. The H-trap needs to be placed outdoors and works without the need of chemicals or electricity. Extensive tests have shown that reductions of 90-95% on horseflies in a wide area around the trap can be realised.

The horseflies will mistakenly see the centrally placed ball in the H-trap as a large animal and move towards this ball. Once they are positioned on the black ball of the H-trap they will investigate the “victim” and try to sting it. After this unsuccessful attempt, they will fly away from the trap. Horseflies are vertical risers, so they can only fly upwards. The trap is designed in such a way that via a conical hood system, the flies are guided upwards into a centrally placed collection bin. From this bin they cannot escape. The bin needs to be emptied periodically. Contact Herbie for more info and pricing and visit